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Water Is Life

And Both Just Got Better

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Nothing Stays The Same, Technology assures that.

There is something new; Water has been improved & since we're roughly 70% Water, Human Beings may have just improved also.

What is Faze4 H2O?

A PH Enhanced Structured Alkaline Water.

Structured Water

Water on a molecular level is sticky and your body’s cells depend on water to deliver nourishment and hydration. Water tries to enter the cell but these water “clumps” are poor penetrators. Technology has stabilized our water making it more permeable to the cell and when fortified with essential minerals the cells can absorb more of what they need than ever before in history.


Our proprietary formula includes organic plant minerals, calcium, potassium, fulvic acid, sea salt, electrolytes, and more which are all combined to help your body sustain maximum hydration and balance your body's pH.


Unlike other high pH waters that lose their pH value after bottling, our structured, active minerals, high pH of 9-10 is maintained from the time of bottling until the time you drink it. Get rid of acid waste, let our structured alkaline water hydrate your body to feel healthier today.


Not only do our customers love the many benefits of Faze 4 H2O over other waters they are also reporting back to us that they are getting more fully hydrated with less water. All of these spell real value for your money.

Hydrate and Cleanse with Faze 4 H2O

Get rid of acid waste, let our structured alkaline water hydrate your body to feel healthier today

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